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Handcrafted in Los Angeles

Spiritual Apothecary

"I found out a long time ago, it's more fun being the Wicked Witch than the helpless Princess." - Tammy Faith

Spirit Bound Press

A revolutionary imprint birthed from the resounding need for more diverse & inclusive books in the magical, spiritual, & wellness categories.

Shop My Oracle Decks

Sacred divination tools written by me, available at all major bookstores.

Spirit Element Wholesale

Are you a store, brand, or other licensed reseller? Click below to shop Spirit Element Wholesale.

Animal Magic

Oils and sprays return January 2022.

Light Creates Shadows

For women who embrace the balance between light & dark.

Spirit Element is a spiritual apothecary crafted to bridge the gap between mainstream spirituality and witchcraft. 

Create Soul Nourishing Spaces.

The Roots Collection features a selection of candles, incense, home fragrances, and decor to create your own sacred space.