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Handcrafted in Los Angeles

Energetic Self-care & Living

Finding space and giving nourishment to the mind, body, & soul

Seasons of the Witch

Beltane Oracle

divination tools written by me, available at all major bookstores.

Spirit Element Wholesale

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clear it out, call it in

Smoke & Quartz

An energetic lifestyle blog

Energetic Self-care

Tend to the mind, the body, your space, and the soul.

The Ethos is simple: “Let your soul guide you” and let every choice you make be an expression of who you are.

Embrace your inner wild.

Shop from a collection of animal energy inspired body oils and sprays. New releases arrive regularly.

Lot's of Love

Now apart of my daily ritual. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated. Smells so lovely. My multiple daily use will have me buying more soon, I’m excited for the future purchases.

Katie C.

It smells amazing, and I love the way it feels on my skin. I use this after almost every shower or bath. It is a simple but wonderful way to appreciate the body I have. :)

Kora G.

I have been subscribed to Lorianne's emails for over a year now, and I always love the tarot readings she provides. Lorianne's readings go beyond shallow predictions that bolster the ego as she is able to provide a depth of wisdom to every card she pulls. If you want something that provides wisdom for your soul, that is thought-provoking, I highly recommend a tarot reading from Lorriane at Spirit Element.

Emma-Rose B.