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April Tarot Reading

Introducing the Monthly Tarot readings. 

You've probably seen my weekly tarot readings on Instagram. A practice I've done for almost as long as Spirit Element has been around. I truly enjoy doing these readings because it keeps my tarot reading skills sharp, but also, I've loved reading all of the comments. I'm so touched to know these readings remain accurate for so many of you after all this time. 

This past winter, I asked myself how I can give you more. How can I make you more prepared to honor your spirit and the energy of the universe? Then I thought about how vital the energy of the month is to me. 

I spend a lot of time looking at the different aspects of the month, including doing a monthly tarot reading for myself. So I figured you'd enjoy one too. 

This reading is very similar to the weekly reading, but I've added a card -- Take action. This card invites you to do something that is the most supported by the universe for this month. Additionally, I've changed the “Let this go” card to the Healing card. What that means is that this is the energy or obstacle that is standing in your way of freedom and growth. It needs to be healed so that you can move towards the path of success. 

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the Spirit Realm. I can't wait to read your thoughts and comments. 

The energy of the Month: The Hermit

April could be a profoundly renewing and transformative month for you with the presence of the Hermit. The Hermit invites you to spend time in quiet reflection and spiritual exploration. They say the most successful people spend a lot of time alone to check in with goals, evaluate obstacles, and be free of distractions. 

The Hermit represents practices of this nature. Everyone can benefit from personal time, but it is especially beneficial to you this month if you have felt confused lately or are contemplating a change in direction. Additionally, the Hermit is a highly spiritual card. Now is a great time to find a spiritual-minded community that shares your beliefs. The community doesn't need to be large, and perhaps it shouldn't be when the Hermit is around. A few people who share your desire for spiritual peace is all you need. 



Obstacle: The Empress

The Empress is much the same as the Hermit in the sense that when this card comes around, it's a good idea to spend some time alone focusing on self-care. The difference is how you go about doing so. For the Empress, it would be more along the lines of baths, face masks, and buying yourself a bouquet of roses -- things having to do with decadence, luxury, and beauty. But for the Hermit, it's more about self-truth and exploration. It is gaining clarity and understanding your next steps. 

The obstacle for April is getting lost in the Empress's energy rather than the energy of the Hermit. There's nothing wrong with a bath or two, but self-care goes far beyond a weekend spa day. To make the most of this month's energy, make sure you are spending time engaged in self-reflective work such as journaling or simply being with yourself in quiet contemplation. You can also try writing out your goals, taking an online course, and anything that allows you to find a deeper understanding of the person you are becoming. 

Another word of caution; The Empress will prompt you to create and start something new but resist the urge until you find clarity by working with the Hermit. As the saying goes, better to measure twice and cut once. The same is true for your spirit. Better to listen twice and be sure. 



Heal this: Three of Pentacles

At the heart of the Three of Pentacles is the spirit of collaboration. There are times when you need a team to get a job done but, that won't always be the case. Never is this more true than when you are discovering who you are and who you're becoming. Your life is yours to live, and no one can write that story for you. Others can offer their opinions and their ideas of what your life should be, but ultimately, you're the one who has to live it, so you're the one who gets to decide. 

That is why The Hermit is such an essential energy for April. You are invited to truly understand yourself on the most fundamental level. Quiet time allows you to remove the lenses of everyone else's expectations so that you can see your own desires clearly. 

You can figure out your purpose and your life without help. And in truth, you already know the answer. You just have to be quiet enough to hear it. 



Embrace this: Temperance

The theme of quiet patience continues with the Temperance card. This card is about balance and getting just the right blend of ingredients. Imagine you are creating a recipe. It isn't very good the first time you have a go at it. Perhaps the lemon is too sharp, or you didn't add enough yeast. So you learn, and you correct. And you may have to do this several times until you get it right. 

Living in spirit is just like that. It's a process of trial and error until you find that sweet spot that is just right. That is the gift of Temperance. It guides you to try different things until you find what sticks. Couple that with the solitude of the Hermit, and you are poised to find your true purpose in life. 

Embrace this period of patience. Slow down and tinker with what you've got going on in your life until everything clicks into place. And when you find that perfect spot, know that's where the gifts of the universe like wealth and love can be found. 



Take action: The Fool

At first glance, the Fool seems out of place in this reading. All of the others cards are saying slow down, but the Fool generally means speed up and jump. Here's the most important takeaway from this reading. You can absolutely start something new this month. Take some leaps of faith and put yourself out there. Just make sure you are absolutely clear that this is what you want to do. 

That's what contemplation and solitude are for -- to gain clarity so that you can move forward with confidence. The Fool comes in once you've found the answers needed to charge ahead. Spend a weekend in the mountains or go for a hike every morning for a week. Ask your spiritual support team to show you the path forward or perhaps pull your own tarot cards for additional guidance. 

THEN once you have some answers, take the Leap! Don't wait. Get going on your dreams. I once heard someone say something along the lines of clarity without action is delusion. It takes clarity and effort to create success. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading these. Here's 20% off your next order with code "Temperance" as a thank you for your support. 

Have a very happy April all, and check back here on the Path and the Practice for May's tarot reading. 

XOXO Lorriane

PS. Deck featured here is the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck in Nocturnal. You can find the author's amazing work on Instagram - @cocorrina.decks

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