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Busting Common Gemini Myths

Hello Gemini Season. This post isn't just for Geminis. All signs can take advantage of the energetic benefits of the Gemini Season. ⁠

Gemini is one of my favorite signs to talk about because it's one of the most misunderstood signs. Geminis are commonly labeled as airheads, two-faced, and gossip queens. There are gross misunderstandings of the Gemini gifts. ⁠

Myth #1: Airheads⁠

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planetary energy that defines how we think, analyze, and communicate. Gemini is also an air sign - the astrological element of intellect, diplomacy, and humanity. ⁠

Geminis are thinking signs & spend a lot of time shifting through the vast amounts of the data they collect. A Gemini literally inhales information. I wouldn't be surprised if the internet is based on the mind of a Gemini dominate person because their brains work in much the same way. Just because they aren't paying attention to what you think is important, doesn't mean they aren't paying attention. ⁠

Geminis are busy listening, collecting, storing information to be used at a later date. While you're thinking they're checked out of reality, they're really contemplating a great deal, wondering how they can put this information to use. ⁠

Myth #2: They are two-faced⁠

Twins are the body assigned to Gemini. Twins represent duality, the meeting of of opposites. Gemini is constantly battling between light and dark, up and down, share or store, etc. They aren't just analyzing data but also, analyzing themselves and the world around them, trying to find the best way to form a connection. 

Aries and Taurus signs are very "me" focused. They correspond to infant years, where the psyche is just becoming aware of itself and understanding the concept of Me and I. Gemini is the first sign to become aware of others -psychological speaking. ⁠It's the first sign to realize there is more in the world than what is immediately in front of you. 

One of Gemini's functions is to build connection between "me" and "the world." How do I share what I know with others? How can I relate to others? How can I be of interest to others? That's why collecting information is so important to them. They know a little bit about everything - not because they're ungrounded but so they can connect to as many people as possible. While at the same time, learning to maintain a feeling of self while also becoming a part of a greater whole. ⁠

Imagine being tasked with finding a way to relate to every person you meet? This is one of Gemini's most important functions. To fulfill this task, they must be able to try on different ideas, concepts, and personalities to see what makes them the most effective communicator in each situation. They know that different people need to be communicated to in different ways. It's no different than acknowledging different ways a child can learn and adapting to fit that child's needs. 

You may call it being two-faced but it's rooted in being openminded and adaptable. Gemini is also a mutable sign which means this energy is great at changing form. Mutable signs transition us from one season to the next. Their very essence is to dissolve into the next grouping of signs. The shift from one season to the next is Earth's way of changing faces. Gemini is simply another manifestation of this. 


Myth #3: Gossip Queens

Here is perhaps the biggest myth of all. Geminis do not gossip; they share information. The difference is about intent. Someone who gossips has malicious intent. They thrive on the misfortunes of others or are spreading gossip out of self-interest and to promote personal agendas. Geminis, however, come into the world with the task of sharing information.

Mercury is named after the God of Communication who was the only deity that could travel between, the upper, lower, and middle realms. Gemini is attempting to do the same - sharing information between many different kinds of people. 

Remember what I said about their brains being like the internet? Well, imagine holding onto vast amounts of data. You'd probably dump all that info on the first person you see too. And more than that, Gemini dominate people are compelled to share information, something that is ingrained in the very fabric of their being. 

However, they do not discriminate with their information. In the eyes or rather minds of a Gemini, any information is good information that must be gathered and shared. 


Are you a Gemini or perhaps you know one? Does this sound spot on? And if you like this type of content, let me know by committing below. 

xoxo, Lorriane

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