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Currently on the Spirit Element Altar

Here at Spirit Element, we like to lean into the natural energy of our surroundings. This path of least resistance is the easiest way to find flow with your spiritual development. Going with the tide, rather than against it, allows the universe to carry you where you need to be. Remember, the universe sees things you do not and knows how to move you around for not only your highest good but that of the entire universe. 


The start of a new season is the perfect time to refresh your main altar. Having a seasonal altar is one of the easiest ways to keep the earth’s natural energy near you and in your space. Below, is a list of the things we’re drawn to this season. Take what you need from this list but also feel free to discover your own seasonal correspondences. 


there’s a spring to our step. 

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” - Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada 


I, like many others, always remember this line when spring approaches. One because it’s funny, but also because there’s a reason why florals always come up during the spring months. The Earth literally blooms in what seems like overnight during spring. Suddenly bare trees are full of bright, lush leaves and pops of colors can be seen for miles. 


Florals for spring may seem like a cliche but I’m all about it for both the Spirit Element office altar and my personal spring altar at home. I’ve only ever seen fresh daffodils right at the end of winter and beginning of spring so it’s become a cute little tradition to place them on my altar every year. Now it doesn’t feel spring is here without them. 


I’m also a huge fan of chamomile for spring. I bought a chamomile plant a few years, planted it in a pot and thought I killed it. Feeling defeated, I left the pot right where it was and went on with my year. The following spring, that very plant rose from the ashes and it’s been full and lush every since. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of how the old naturally dies to make room for something new, bigger, and brighter. 


Rose Quartz, bloodstone, and selenite are hands down my favorite crystal combination for this time of the year. Nothing says love and beauty in the crystal kingdom quite like rose quartz. Bloodstone is a powerful crystal for recovery and revitalization. It will help you to shake off those winter blues but it also nourishes the spirit. I like using this crystal when I need the courage and strength to allow my light to shine. 


Flowers and crystals are just the beginning. The list below has a list of all of the things I’ll be putting on my altar over the next few months. I like to cycle things depending on how I feel. I might pick up an especially beautiful bouquet of roses but change to fresh mint leaves the following week. 


And I love to change out the fragrance blend of my candles and aromatherapy diffuser. Florals are great for spring but so are fresh scents like pine, linen, and aquatic notes. The women of my family can always smell rain, sometimes several days before it arrives. I like to use scents that remind me of a rainy day because it makes me feel closer to my grandmother who is no longer with us. 

Just remember, there are so many ways to represent the spring season. Don’t be afraid to play with different correspondences, especially is something reminds you of this time of year. 













Ylang Ylang










Rose Quartz


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