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Welcome to The Temple - The New Spirit Element HQ

Welcome to the Temple!

AKA Spirit Element headquarters. At the beginning of the year, me and my staff moved into a new warehouse space. This has been a really, really, really long time coming. My friends and family have heard me say “I need a warehouse” for a couple of years now and finally that dream has come true. 

Spirit Element started in my home, then moved to a small one room space. Now, we’re in a beautiful, generously sized warehouse. So if you’re a small business owner, don’t give up because dreams do come true. 

Having this new warehouse means we won’t be bumping into each other or leaving for the day with bruises from running into boxes or equipment. But it also means so much more than a little bit of extra space. It’s made us a lot more efficient and this article is to tell you what that means for you. 

More Inventory & Faster Shipping

Before, each item was made to order as orders came in. This means it takes us longer to fulfill your order and even more difficult to track our inventory. The new warehouse allows us to make more products at once without losing the beautiful, handmade quality of our artisanal items. In other words, your order will ship much, much faster than before. 

Improved Customer Service

More room means more staff. Finally, we have the space to expand our team so that we can respond to your correspondences quicker and more efficiently. I know we’ve failed at this in the past but we are taking steps in a new and improved direction. 

New Offerings

More space plus more staff means more room for us to expand our offerings. I’ve had to table or shut down a number of projects simply because we didn’t have the room or staff to accommodate everything at one time. We do now which means me and my staff can get back to bringing more magic, beautiful offerings, and inspiration into your life. Spirit Element has two launches coming up, the details of which will be shared soon. Stay tuned.

Order Pickups

I am pleased to announce the capability to offer in-person order pickups for those of you in the Los Angeles area. This service will be available once all restrictions from Co-Vid19 are lifted and all residents of the Los Angeles area have the opportunity to be vaccinated. We look forward to welcoming you personally to our space. 

We’re still polishing up the warehouse space and I will share more photos as things come along. In the meantime, check out some of the photos below of our first days in our new home. 

XOXO Lorriane







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