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General Full Moon Bath

If you’re here at this blog, I’m guessing you have at least a little understanding of spirituality or at least a curiosity about it. Spirituality (spiritual, not religious) is a big part of my life so it’s also a big part of my self-care. When I was overhauling my self-care practice, one of the exercises I did was to revisit the things I did when I felt like my life was pretty balanced. One of the first things that came to mind was my work with moon energy. 

Now, there is no shortage of moon energy information now. There’s so much that I bet it can feel overwhelming at times. When that happens, I always think it's best to go back to the basics. Sure you can have a different full moon practice for each zodiac sign that includes different oils, crystals, plants, colors, etc. But you can also have a basic recipe like this one I have here that can be adapted if you feel like it or kept simply when you need something quick and reliable. 

This is my personal Full Moon bath that I alter from time to time but I most often enjoy it the way it is. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to fit in a full moon ritual but it's pretty easy to chill out with a bath. I can easily customize it by adding in a few extra drops of essential oils or adding different crystals. For example, I may choose to add rose absolute during a Taurus Full Moon or Patchouli during a Scorpio Full Moon. I may also want to place amethyst crystals in the bathroom for an Aquarius Full Moon or Tourmaline during Capricorn. 

Even the practice of customizing this bath to fit your needs is a form of self-care that ticks the creativity box. So have fun with it and try not to take it too seriously. I like to keep jars of the ingredients ready so that it’s quick and easy to make but also for additions without having to start from scratch. 

½ cup baking soda

1 ½ cup dry milk (see note below)

1 teaspoon vanilla powder or vanilla extract

48 Drops Lemon essential oil

8 Drops Roman Chamomile essential oil

24 Drops Jasmine essential oil

Moonstone & Clear Quartz Crystals

White or Cream Candles

Note: There are different types of dry milk you can use. Use coconut milk or oatmeal flour if you’re not into using animal products. Otherwise, use whole fat, goat or buttermilk dry milk if you have dry skin or nonfat dry milk if your skin is oily. 

In a bowl, mix baking soda, dry milk, vanilla and essential oils with a whisk. Pour them into an airtight container for storage and place them in a dark space such as a cabinet. Bring four quarts of water to a soft boil then pour over plant material. Allow the tea to brew for about 20 minutes then strain if you do not wish to have the flowers in the tub. 

Fill your bathroom space with candles and the crystals, putting as many as you can on or around the tub. Clear quartz can safely be added to the water if you desire. Light your candles and turn on soothing music if you like. Run a warm bath that can be comfortable for 20-30 minutes and add your tea. Just before stepping in, add a cup of your milk mixture and swirl around with your hands. 

Relax in the bath, setting your full moon intentions right after stepping in. Alternatively, this bath is great to relax before a full moon ritual or full moon journaling.

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