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General New Moon Bath

This new moon bath is the counterpart to the full moon bath found in a previous blog post. As a reminder, I mentioned how working with moon energy can be overwhelming and sometimes you just need to go back to the basics. There is nothing more basic about moon energy than working with just the full and new moon cycles. Where the full moon facilitates endings, moving on, and relaxation, the new moon inspires creativity, beginnings, and prepping for action. 

This bath is a great base for your next new moon bathing ritual and just like the full moon bath recipe, this can be customized as you see fit. Just make sure to blend this up about a week before the new moon so that it has time to synergize and deepen its magic. This recipe makes enough for about 4-8 baths, depending on how much you use so you’ll have it for a while. 

2 Cups Alcohol (see note)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

5 Drops Petitgrain essential oil

4 Drops Patchouli Chamomile essential oil

1 Drops Vetiver essential oil

1 tablespoon carrier oil (see note)

Labradorite & Clear Quartz Crystals

Black or Navy Candles

A dark-colored bottle that’s large enough to hold your mixture

Note: Alcohol is great for exfoliating and softening skin although it tends to be overlooked because of the cost. But you don’t need anything expensive here as a cheap bottle will do nicely. 

Any type of drinking alcohol will work but my personal favorite is brandy because it adds it’s own extra layer of fragrance. I also find Rum to be a nice addition but whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, and even wine or cordials will do. Just be mindful of the wine because it can stain the tub. Vinegar can be used if you’d prefer not to use alcohol. White vinegar is my personal favorite or you can use champagne vinegar if you’d like a little extra pampering. 

Vegetable oils have metaphysical properties just like crystals and plants. I will often change the carrier oil that I use for the recipe once I run out and need to make a new batch. Olive oil is great for wealth while sunflower is a powerful oil for promoting positivity and happiness. Grapeseed oil is similar to clear quartz in the sense that it can be “programmed” to hold any intention, making it a great choice for a variety of intentions. 

Pour all of your ingredients into the bottle along with one piece of clear quartz. Screw on a tight-fitting lid and gently shake to combine. Allow this mixture to synergize in a dark cabinet for about 7 days, shaking occasionally. 

Fill your bathroom space with candles and the crystals, putting as many as you can on or around the tub. Clear quartz can safely be added to the water if you desire. Light your candles and turn on uplifting music if you like. Run a warm bath that can be comfortable for 20-30 minutes and add your tea. Just before stepping in, add ¼ to ½ cup of your new moon mixture and swirl around with your hands. 

Relax in the bath, setting your new moon intentions right after stepping in. Alternatively, this bath is great to stimulate creativity before a new moon ritual or new moon journaling. 

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