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July 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading

Here is your July 2021 tarot reading using the She Wolfe Tarot by Devany Amber Wolfe. This reading is jammed packed with spiritual guidance. Some of it is a little hard to swallow, not going to lie. But its also potent medicine that will have you well on your way to MEGA MANIFESTING POWER. Enjoy. 

P.S. There's a surprise at the end!

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Energy of the Month: Eight of Swords

The mind is a powerful but dangerous place. It can be a pathway towards unlocking your truest potential and calling into existence your greatest desires. But it can also be a prison, especially if left unchecked. The eight of swords is a mental prison of your own making. This is where you go when you’re plagued with doubts, unworthiness, fear, anxiety, and stagnation. A prison it may be but the door is sitting wide open. You are bound but your chains only feel tight. In actuality, they aren’t even locked and you can unravel them anytime you like. 

Pulling the eight of swords may feel like just another thing to beat yourself up about -- it isn’t. This card is here to remind you that you have the power to change. Sometimes changes come in the simple act of acknowledging where you are. You are urged to find your courage, take off the blindfold and have a look around. Are you in debt? Hate your job? Fallen out of love with your partner? Realized you were never in love with your partner? Afraid to drive on the freeway? I can list off a billion different fears and stagnations you might find yourself in. 

This is your work for this month; being honest about your starting place. You are ready to change your circumstances and the support needed to do so will come upon you once you face this truth. 


Truth Telling Practice

Write down 2-3 things in your life that you’re most unhappy with. 

Taking one thing at a time, take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What have I done to change this?” Write it down. 

Take another deep breath and ask yourself: “In what ways have I sabotaged myself?” Write this down as well. 

Take a final deep breath and ask yourself: “What would the most enlightened version of myself do to overcome this obstacle and change my life?” Take action. 

Repeat for the remaining things on your list. 


Obstacle: Lust aka. Strength

We had this card as the Embrace card for the first weekly tarot reading of July (see paragraph below). This tells me that acting upon this guidance is going to be a challenge for this month. You find it difficult to acknowledge your needs as they arise. For example, you may feel hungry but instead of taking time to eat a nourishing meal, you put it off because you don’t want to leave your desk. Another example might be the response you give to your partner when they ask you about your day. Perhaps it was long and hard and what you needed was a tight hug. But instead, you chose to say “I’m fine” and carried the weight of troubles alone. 

A person aligned with Lust in this moment would’ve voiced their needs without any additional concern. We need basic things to survive like water, food, and shelter and so too the soul needs some basic things like support, expression, and understanding. 

You are urged to make yourself a bigger priority. Keeping in mind the previous card, this could mean being honest with yourself about your needs and what you need to feel supported. The same goes in your self-care routine. You may tell yourself that a luxurious bath will fix the problem when really, your soul is longing to book that trip. Or perhaps you decide to go for a jog to clear your head when really, what you need is to call up a friend who’s happy to let you cry on their shoulder. 

You may be wondering what you need to overcome your obstacles, well chances are, you already know but have been ignoring how you feel. Consider this your permission to act upon the urges you have. They’re there for a reason. 


From July 4th weekly tarot reading

Embrace this: Lust

AKA Strength, Lust invites you to reconnect with the primal part of your being. Unleash your beast, call to your inner wild, and connect with your instinctual side. Society tends to paint "beasts" as dangerous and out of control, but animals aren't mindless killers. A beast is simply a being that follows its urges in the present moment. It hunts when hungry, attacks when it fears for its life, and welcomes sexy time when it's biological clock kicks into gear. There's a lot you can learn from this type of behavior. Honoring your needs in any given moment is a particular type of strength that isn't welcome by the modern world, and yet, it's the kind of strength that matters the most. Don't let anyone try to diminish your needs, including you. Take back your right to get through life in whatever way you need to, as long as you don't cause harm to anyone else. 

Heal this: Five of Pentacles

This card represents lack of stability and comfort. That could manifest in illness, decreased finances, the loss of a job, or a sudden unexpected change in address. Times may have been hard and perhaps they still are. But, your worry about this situation is only bringing you more trouble. It's counterintuitive to think abundantly when it seems like you’re on the cusp of losing everything. But you know how this works. You know the formula. Like attracts like which means abundance attracts abundance. But it also means despair attracts more despair. 

Heal your fears surrounding comfort, home, wellness, and security. You’ve held so tightly to these limiting beliefs that they have become an identity of sorts. They’re now memorized stories that are so easy to say because you’ve told them so many times and have convinced yourself they are true. 

But dear one, they couldn’t be more false. Your story is yours to take control of and it starts with believing you can. Don’t try to change your situation overnight. Start by keeping an eye on wayward thoughts that drift to feelings of lack. Tell those thoughts where to go, letting them know they are no longer welcome. Then slowly, overtime, replace those thoughts with a new story and watch as your life changes before your eyes. 


Embrace this: Four of Cups

The Four of Cups invites you to sit in stillness. This is the phase where you consider your needs with more clarity and discernment. Pulling this card can mean many pathways are available to you but you shouldn’t be so ready to say yes. While your situation may dire, the truth is that you have worked hard to get to this point and deserve to take your time before making any further choices. 

We live in a fat society, especially since the turn of the century. There is an eagerness to get to the next phase without having enjoyed the current one. This constant desire to discover “what’s next” has caused the world to live in a perpetual state of boredom and lost interest. The four of cups remind you that the opposite is what you need. Rather than trying to find something new, dig deeper roots and rediscover your love for what you currently have. Or at the very least, consider whether or not the grass is really greener on the other side. 


Take action: Three of Swords

The three of swords further drives home this recurring theme of facing your truth. The three of swords represent the aftermath of facing illusions. These are the emotions felt after accepting that your friend was stabbing you in the back, your lover hasn’t been faithful, or your business partner took off with your bank account. Usually, the signs had been there for a long time but instead of facing the truth, you chose to -- intentionally or unintentionally -- create a story that was easier to digest. 

When the three of swords come to a reading, it's because you no longer have the luxury of living a lie. There’s still time to deal with this situation on your own terms but not much. You could be on the cusp of a very painful reckoning if you don’t do something now. 


Bonus: Ace of Pentacles

This card fell out of the deck and I’m glad it did. This reading may come across as harsh or even ominous but the universe never takes without giving something in return. The ace of pentacles is here to replace whatever you may have lost. If you take steps now, the universe will give you this gift of nascent abundance and security. It may come in an unexpected work opportunity, a financial windfall, or perhaps a million dollar idea. The source of it doesn’t matter as long as you trust in what is being offered to you. 

Making changes isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of courage and a willingness to take responsibility rather than playing the victim. But while the trials are many, so too are the rewards. So many of us miss out on these rewards because our lives are too full of chaos, drama, and broken things we can’t seem to part with. 

Most people will go through life, never having the tools of the resources to change but not you. Your commitment to reading this now is a sign that you are ready to commit to changing your life for the better.


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