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Lammas Energetic Focus and Self-care

Lammas is just a few days away so I’ve created this list of energetic tools and practices to help you make the most of the sabbat. The energy of this sabbat is going to be most apparent on August 1st but you can continue to take advantage of its energy for 2-3 weeks after the day. I’ve also included a curated collection of Spirit Element energetic self-care which is available for 20% off now through August 1st with code “HEATHER.”


Energetic focus: Abundance, blessings, cleansing, creativity, fire, gratitude, growth, harvest, inspiration, motherhood, power, prosperity, success, transformation, warmth


Colors: Brown, bronze, gold, green, yellow, warm metallics


Animals: Bees, cattle, dog, eagle, horse, lion, rooster, squirrel


Plants and herbs: Apple, basil, blackberry, cinnamon, cornflower, fennel, garlic, hazelnut, patchouli, poppy, rose, rosemary, sunflower


Crystals: Aventurines (especially yellow and green), carnelian, citrine, lodestone, quartz, tiger’s eye, topaz


Spirit Element tools: The Empress tarot perfume, Phoenix animal energy body oil, Abundance ritual bathing bar, the  Sun tarot perfume, Pine smoke bathing stick, Citrine Crystal Bath Bar, Wealth Loose Incense


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Ritual practices



The most critical themes of Lammas are harvesting and gratitude. This is a ritualistic time to stop and be thankful for all you have, even if it only feels like very little. When I find myself in a low place and need to practice gratitude but can't find a lot of things to be grateful for, I start listing off things like having a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, having food to eat, a car, not being sick, etc. These things might not be glamorous, but they contribute to my well-being and peace of mind. Plus, I realize that while I don't have everything I want, I still have a lot more than some people and the perspective helps me lift my vibrations, which will only lead to more blessings. 


Energetic Tool: The Sun tarot perfume



I mentioned before that harvesting and being thankful are two main themes for Lammas. The energetic focus of harvesting can feel abstract, especially if you don't have opportunities beating down your door. To me, harvesting means taking stock of what you have and making the most of it. It's natural to want more in life but don't overlook what you already have in pursuit of something else. Do you ignore the other plants if one plant dies in a garden? No, move forward, harvesting from the plants that did survive. Recently, an opportunity came to an end for me, and at first, I was sad about it, but then I realized how many other things I still have that I can put all of my focus and energy into. So while my harvest season may not be as big as I wanted, it's still more than enough. 


Energetic Tool: The Empress tarot perfume



If you're new to sabbat work, you'll discover cleansing is a huge part of the entire wheel of the year, and Lammas is no exception. But the energy you're clearing out might change from sabbat to sabbat. I recommend focusing on clearing blocks and stagnation around money, power, and success for Lammas. To do so, choose herbs, oils, and resins specifically associated with money. When you're clearing, ask the universe, spirit guides, God, or whatever spiritual entity you pray to clear away any block or limiting beliefs you have about money, success, and power and to provide a path for increased prosperity. 


Energetic Tool: Pine Smoke Bathing stick & Abundance Ritual Bathing Bar


Abundance Work

Finally, there is abundance work. Lamma is a great time to call in more abundance, especially regarding wealth. Focus ritual work on prosperity and increase on Lammas and in the 2-3 weeks which follow the sabbat. Just be sure to also practice gratitude during this period as well. 


Energetic Tool: Wealth loose incense, Citrine crystal bathing bar & Abundance ritual bathing bar


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