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May 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading

Here is your monthly tarot guidance using the Rider- Waite Tarot deck. According to the reading below, May is a beautiful time to put some plans into action but to work on things behind the scenes for a while. You have an opportunity to dig deep into your desires and to decide what you're working towards. It's a month for getting things done; it's just that this energy is happening under the surface. And if nothing else, May is a time to welcome happiness in any way you can. I hope this reading gives you a lot to take with you as this month ticks on. 

Energy of the Month: Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is a welcome sign that you are headed in the right direction. Whatever idea or plans you have now are well on their way to becoming something successful and meaningful. However, your work isn't done. Indeed, it's just getting started. The Three of Pentacles offers this advice; build a strong foundation. Spend this month gathering information, honing your skills, testing, doing trial runs, and creating a concrete plan of attack. Don't worry; you have the raw talent needed to succeed, but even the greatest warriors have to train. Your natural gifts combined with good project management and dedication are what will ensure your success. 

Obstacle: King of Wands

Many things are required to succeed. You need to be good at what you're doing, have the knowledge to do it, and of course, you must take action when a good idea presents itself. However, you also need clear intent, which is the message of this card, to know what you want. What is your long-term vision? Are you taking intentional steps towards that vision or throwing everything at the wall and hoping a vision presents itself to you? Everyone can manifest but more often than not, an intention is killed before it gets to the universe because it isn’t clear enough. The King of Wands reminds you that you can succeed but only if you give this your all. Any doubt or anything less than a 100% commitment will kill your plan before it begins. 

Heal this: Seven of Wands

When planning something new, all sorts of fears can come to mind, including what others might think. Whether you're planning to be in the public eye or to participate a little more at your kid's school, everyone has an opinion, and that won't always match with what you've got going on. 

This is a genuine concern, one I've had many times. But here's a little secret: people will have their opinions no matter what you do. Some people make bringing others down their sole mission in life. Most people are just miserable, so they attack other people, and more times than not, they beat themselves up internally for it. 

So the message here is to do what you want to do anyway, knowing that facing an attack here and there is a part of life. It isn't a personal attack on you because we all draw the lousy luck card now and again. Instead of focusing on fighting with others, turn your attention towards resolving any inner struggles like fear of failure or needing to be correct. You can't change anyone else's mind, but you can change your own. 

Embrace this: Six of Pentacles

It's time to make friends with money. Wealth is a heated subject for a lot of us, rich and poor alike. Abundance isn't so much about how much you have in the bank, but whether or not you know that abundance is always there for the taking. 

Do you stress about money all the time or hoard it because you're worried that you won't get anymore? This is being inharmonious with money. Do you steal office supplies or skip out on leaving a tip? These are also examples of an inharmonious relationship with money. 

I'm not going to pretend that it's easy to spend money or to feel wealthy when you're wondering how to pay the bills. It's a challenge for sure, which is why so few people actually end up being rich. But that's also why it's so rewarding when you're able to develop a strong and healthy relationship with money. Once you do, you'll come to realize it was within your power to be abundant this whole time. 

Take action: The Tower

The Tower doesn't have to be as dramatic as it sounds. The trick is to lean into change rather than pulling the sheet over your eyes. When the Tower comes to a reading, it is because you are in the midst of a significant transformation. That can be something physical like the loss of a job or a breakup, but it can also be spiritual, like a change in your core beliefs. 

Whatever this change is, know that it's ultimately meant to help you. You've probably felt unsure for a while and could see the storm coming but shoved it under the rug. Deep down, you know this is long overdue, but you're afraid of what comes next. What you're feeling is valid, but that doesn't mean it should stop you from moving forward. Take action by being brave enough to be bad at something new, different, and unfamiliar. You might be surprised to find yourself feeling more at home than ever before.

Bonus Card: Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is often called the "wish" card and is a welcome sight in any reading, upright or reversed. It generally means you have a clear open channel to the universe, and now is a great time to do some manifestation work. But when I look deeper into this card, I see that the real message is that happiness takes awareness and presence. And it's being present in the joy that makes it possible for your wishes to come true. 

The man in this card is sitting and looking at all he has achieved. He's taking this moment to count his blessings and to be in awe of how much he has. So slow down now and again to enjoy your riches, your family, and your accomplishments. Allow joyful feelings to overtake you for a few moments. Besides, what is the point of all of this if you can't have some time to enjoy it? 

Have a very happy May all, and check back here on the Path and the Practice for June’ tarot reading. 

XOXO Lorriane

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