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New Moon in Leo 2022: Tarot cards and tools for energetic self-care

New Moon in Leo 7/28/2022

Deck: La Flora Tarot

Recommended tools: Blue lace agate, fern, emotional journaling and Cedar Leaf smoke clearing stick. 

Next Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius 8/12/2022

What is the energy to be aware of during this full moon phase? Five of cups

The five of cups generally represents disappointment, and to be honest; it isn't very pleasant to turn this card over. It will appear in your spread when things haven't worked out the way you were hoping, or there's an overall feeling of self-pity and frustration by the lack of progress. It will also appear when you're being forced to take a step back. The saying "one step forward, two steps back" comes to mind when I see this card. 

In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith version, the figure is hanging its head towards three cups that are spilled over, but his back is turned away from two cups that are still perfectly fine. This means there's still something to salvage from your situation; all hope isn't lost. That's why this card is sometimes known as the "self-pity" card because often, you'll receive it when your situation is more emotional than anything else. 

Something physical triggered these feelings, but ultimately, you are dwelling on what you've lost and forgetting how much you still have. You can still move forward, and perhaps it might take a little bit longer, but that's no reason to give up. So, this card reminds you to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and start figuring out how to turn a nickel into a dollar, so to speak. 

My feeling is that because the energy of this card begins with a new moon in Leo, and we are in Leo season, you'll have the desire to shine and be seen right now. Leo is the sign of fame and success, so we all naturally want to feel successful right now, even if you aren't conscious of this desire. Leo is also the sign of the heart and purpose, and having a setback during this time can lead you to doubt your goal and if you're truly walking the right path. 

This may seem like the opposite of Leo, but it's actually spot on for this sign. Leo is ruled by the sun, but light casts a shadow, and there's always a feeling of doubt or insecurity for this sign. If you can find a way to overcome the need to dwell on your mistakes or ways you've been mistreated, you will have mastered the art of being a Leo and gained an essential tool for overall success. Even if you're still feeling insecure, the point is to keep going, despite your doubts. Because truth be told, if you don't doubt your dreams, at least a little, you're probably playing it safe and not really going after a real dream at all. 

What shadow does this energy illuminate? Three of wands

The five of cups represents self-pity and disappointment, which triggers a fear about your future. The three of wands represents planning, vision, and the pursuit of bigger goals, but how can you move forward when you feel like you keep going backward? 

Remember that the five of cups is in your spread to prevent you from dwelling on the past. No matter your position, the future is always on its way, and the past is always over. You will always have a future as long as you're here on this earth, no matter what you've been through, how many setbacks you've faced, or how much you doubt your path. There's always room to catch a second wind and put plans into motion. 

Vision is not just about seeing success down the road. It's always about being able to see when it's time to pivot and create a new plan. Did you know Youtube started as a dating site, not the video mega giant we know today? Instead of dwelling on what wasn't working, the founders shifted their perspective and, ultimately, their plans to go on and become a multi-billion dollar company. Steve Jobs was booted out of Apple only to return and go on to pioneer world-changing inventions such as the iPhone and Ipad. Imagine if he'd given up when he got fired from the company he built. There's a good chance you're reading this now on a device that directly results from his determination to pick up the pieces and move forward. 

Thinking about a new future when you've been so focused on one particular outcome is scary, but don't miss this opportunity to envision something even better. Challenges build character, force you to be more resourceful, and shift your perspective to pathways you couldn't see when you were only looking in one direction. Maybe what you're facing now is preparing you to be the next Steve Jobs. But you'll never know if you get stuck looking at the past instead of planning your future. 

How can you use this energy to facilitate growth? Ten of wands

The ten of wands is called the card of burdens, which sucks, but the suit of wands is all about accomplishment, creativity, and being recognized for your efforts. The ten of wands is the last card in this suite and represents the outcome of this journey through wands energy. Yes, this card represents burdens, but these are responsibilities that come with success. If it's lonely at the top, it's because many people aren't willing to carry the weight all the way up the mountain. 

You have these responsibilities because of how far you've come, not because of your mistake or because you aren't worthy of your desires. The universe knows you can handle what's on your plate. It also knows that the more success you have, the more responsibilities you'll have. A promotion usually comes with more tasks. Sure, you may stop doing some things, but those things will be replaced by something more significant, time-consuming, and requiring more effort. Having a baby is a beautiful blessing but also means you're directly responsible for the well-being of another human. Starting a business means you don't have to answer to a boss, but it also means you'll have to make all of the decisions, manage the ins and outs, and potentially be responsible for the welfare of others if you have employees. 

Challenges facilitate growth, and the main takeaway from this card is that obstacles are going to happen, and they will become more frequent and more challenging the higher up the success ladder you go. You'll have to decide if challenges are worth the rewards you believe are waiting for you at the top of your mountain. If so, the energy from the five of cups (self-pity, doubt, disappointment) will only slow you down. 

That's why you have this opportunity to learn to overcome this energy so that when not if, but when this happens again, you'll know how to pick yourself up and move on. 

What should you do when you're feeling stagnant? Ace of swords

As with all cards, you need to consider the number and the suite to which it belongs. Aces are number one cards representing the beginning of a journey and are also confirmation to move forward. That in and of itself is important because the main message in this reading is to stop letting your past have a hold on you and to move forward. 

The second thing to consider is the suit which in this case is swords that represent intellect, truth, authenticity, and clarity. Swords encourage you to see your situation for what it is. It guides you to remove emotion, remove the falsehoods you've come accustomed to telling yourself, and approach your situation with logic and reason. 

When we bring these two energies together, what we get is the universe telling you the pathway forward is, to be honest about where you are. Don't fantasize it, don't read too far into things; just tell it like it is. And with that clarity, you'll be able to formulate a plan that makes sense rather than making decisions from an emotionally wounded place. 

For example, if you've just gone through a breakup, you could dwell on being single now, feeling like you've wasted time missing this person. But you could also view your situation with logic which might mean realizing you were unhappy, and now you have the freedom to find joy in a much more supportive relationship. Perhaps it means no more arguing, being ignored, dealing with someone else's mood swings, or impulsive spending. Maybe it means you can finally travel or buy the house you could afford but your partner couldn't. 

Sure, it sucks to go through the nasty business of ending things, and maybe it wasn't even your choice to do so, but that doesn't mean you can't find the silver lining. So, if the emotional perspective is too much, then shift towards logic and reason your way forward. 

The outcome of this energetic work? Knight of wands

The knight of wands is a welcome sight after the previous cards and means, as long as you follow this advice, you will find yourself moving forward in no time. The knight of wands is a dynamic energy with no problems getting the ball rolling and is often very eager to do so as quickly as possible. 

This card also represents significant changes like a sudden and unexpected financial increase, a move, a new job or promotion, a vacation, and even a new love interest. So you can expect good things when this card appears in your spread. The most important thing to do when you receive this card is to take advantage of the energy it presents. Don't second guess the blessing when it comes; just say thank you very much and run with it. 

The lesson from this reading is that focusing on what was will get you nowhere but lost in a sea of grief and despair. Life is hard, and you absolutely should have space to mourn the things that are ending for you but don't let the grief be your new story. I use the words the universe, God, spirit, and others of the kind a lot, but the truth is, you don't know if these things actually exist. I like to believe they do, but in the real world, you are responsible for your choices, not the universe, and you get to decide how you're going to move forward. 

Don't wait for the circumstances to change when you can change them yourself. Don't wait for a spiritual force to make your obstacles disappear; instead, ask yourself what you can do to overcome them. And if a miracle drops in your lap, well, all the better, but at least you aren't the whims of someone else. You can take control of how you want to feel and then take control of how you invoke those feelings in your life, and I hope you do. 


Blue lace agate for truth and harmony by spirit element

Favorite crystal for this cycle: Blue Lace Agate

I love this stone for this reading because it is very supportive and stimulates truth, so it seems highly appropriate for the cards here. This crystal helps restore harmony and optimism while simultaneously encouraging you to overcome heavy feelings like anger, stress, sorrow, and frustration. If possible, I suggest carrying it in necklace form so that it will be near your throat chakra. 


Fern for mental clarity and focus by spirit element

Favorite plant for this cycle: Fern indoor plant

Ferns are an excellent indoor plant to have. Not only do they help to clear your air literally, but they also help to clear your mind for increased clarity and purity of thought. You can also snip off small leaves, dry them and burn them as incense when you're feeling overly emotional and need to rely more on your mind. 

I have many ferns and have kept them alive and well for quite some time. I highly recommend putting them in a larger vessel that pools some water at the bottom so they can continue drinking between waterings. And then I keep mine near a west-facing window that gets light towards the end of the day when the sun isn't as intense. But ultimately, house plants are a lot like people and have their own personalities, and everyone's home is different, so play around and see what works best for you. And if you're interested in learning more about indoor plants or want to know my list of favorite plant books, then comment down below. 


Emotional journaling practice for new moon in Leo by spirit element

Favorite practice for this cycle: Emotional journaling

Heavy emotions can be challenging to process, especially if you feel like you don't have anyone to share them with or you're someone who tends to keep things to yourself. Journaling allows you to share your emotions without worrying about judgment from others. A piece of paper will never judge and keep your secrets, enabling you to get things off your chest and out of your head. Remember to take a few minutes to journal when strong emotions arise, so your brain has time to decompress. 

Cedar leaf smoke clearing stick from spirit element

Favorite energetic self-care for this cycle: Cedar Leaf smoke clearing stick for confidence and strength

Cedar is an excellent choice when you're going through a lot but also want to get it together and move forward. I suggest smoke bathing with cedar once a day for two weeks. It doesn't have to be very long or drawn out in a particular ceremony, but just the ritual of five minutes a day to wash away your sorrows will do wonders for your energy. And as it clears the low vibrations, it will gently strengthen your spirit and slowly instill a feeling of stability and confidence. 

And as always, the tool for this moon cycle is available at a discounted price now through July 30th. Take 20% off with code "FIVECUPS."

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  • Alex on July 25, 2022

    Thank you for the reading. I felt as if it was done just for me.

  • Kimbalie on July 25, 2022

    This reading was so spot on i have goosebumps. Thank you for the guidance and helping me look forward to the next cycle!

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