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Luna Rosa Body & Ritual Oil


Love | Beauty | Soul Nourishment | Feminine Energy

I was inspired to create this blend, many moons ago while working with the full Pink Moon of April. The spring moons have always been the time when I feel most feminine, sensual, and confident. There is something about the pops of colorful blooms and whispers of floral fragrance on the air that awakens my inner most feminine self. 

I wanted an oil to help me hold onto this feeling as Spring wanes and we turn towards the later parts of the year. I also wanted a set of tools to work with when I am specifically working divine feminine energy. 

Everything about this oil and it’s companion spray is soft, floral, emotionally supportive, and nurturing. 

Xoxo, Lorriane

Best times to work with Luna Rosa:

  • During the full moon -- especially a full moon in Libra or Taurus. 
  • Doing divine feminine work.
  • Transitioning from maiden to mother or mother to crone. 
  • Mother daughter work. 
  • Seeking to regain confidence and sensuality. 
  • Work with the Fae. 
  • Working with Venus, Aphrodite, or any other Goddess for love and beauty.

Scent Profile:

Tops notes of rose and rose geranium, grounded with vanilla, rosewood, and palma rosa. 


Ingredient Vibrations

Rose - The ultimate symbol of beauty, love and feminine energy. Rose also works on the depths of the soul to encourage healing, happiness, self-love, and deep spiritual devotion. 

Geranium - A beautiful companion to rose, geranium is also an excellent choice for attracting love and beauty. Additionally, geranium promotes peace, happiness, confidence, embracing one’s sensuality. 

Rockrose - Also known as cistus, this beautiful flower is similar to rose both in looks and spiritual benefits. It awakens deep, soul knowledge and promotes emotional healing. 

Ingredients: Brassica campestris, Brassica napus (rapeseed oil),  Daisy Bellis perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract & Helianthus annuus Seed Oil), natural fragrance blend (with essentials oils & extracts of geranium, rockrose, rose, palma rosa, ylang ylang, rosewood, & vanilla), ethically sourced mica.

Spirit Element shows you how to start your path to transformation & wellness using earth-based magic, botanical healing, and mindfulness as your guide.

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Luna Rosa Body & Ritual Oil