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Full Moon body and ritual oil


Intention: A fresh fragrance of lavender, cypress, and jasmine oils inspired by the full moon for promoting clarity, peace of mind, and renewing the spirit.

Full Moon work inspires the need to slow down and to reflect upon your desires and the actions you have taken to fulfill your needs. Self-care extends to many areas of your life, including more rest, paying bills on time, making time for loved ones and play, and even giving yourself space for the imagination to run wild. 

The full moon seeks to inspire you to reflect upon all ways to nourish yourself while this Full Moon oil guides you through using body self-care as a natural starting place. 

To use: Shake well and use as you would a traditional moisturizer on slightly damp skin, being mindful of areas needing extra care. Tense but overlooked areas might include the ankles, wrists, behind the knees, and hips. Pause regularly to bring the palms to the nose for a deep inhale. 

You may also wish to follow these steps and then relax in a warm bath when you have some time to yourself, allowing the nourishing oils to penetrate deep within the skin for a softening self-care ritual. 



Spirit Element is a lifestyle brand inspiring you to live with intention, authenticity, and bliss. From energetic self-care and wellness to supporting you in filling your spaces with mindfully selected homewares, we inspire you to let every choice you make be an expression of who you are. 


Our ethos is simple: tend to the mind, body, home and soul by nourishing your life with things that make you smile. We focus on developing fragrant, sensual products that are grounded, supportive, and feature a melange of earth based ingredients.

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Full Moon body and ritual oil