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Ritual Bathing Bars


A selection of in house made, small batch soaps with all natural ingredients. Each bar is formulated to be healing to the skin and to the soul. They are excellent to use before and after rituals and spells but also as daily bars to welcome the healing benefits of each bar's ingredients. 

Moss - Named after the incredible power of moss, this bar is made with mineral rich French green clay - perfect for blemishes and acne prone skin. It also connects one with earth energy and essential oils and extracts of Holy Basil Oil, Ambrette Seed, Basil, Neem, Saffron, Cucumber, Violet Leaf and Camphor inspire spiritual strength and protection.

Meadow - An exfoliating bar made with pomace and cabreuva essential oil. Both ingredients are healing to dry skin while cabreuva clears the mind and encourages a sense of balance, calm, and stability. 

Palo Santo - White clay and Palo Santo come together cleanse, heal, and renew the mind, body and soul. White clay is skin loving and soothing while Palo Santo is a well known spiritual cleanser. Perfect to wash away the energy of the day.

Wichita - Named for the desert home of my childhood. Wichita was the name of the street we lived on and our home sat against the richest red, desert mountain. Made with a selection of desert sages, sandalwood, and rosemary, it is rich, fresh, and warm. 

Grounding - The most rooted of all the ritual bathing bars, this bar is made with fresh coffee, soothing comfrey leaf, sea salt and, essential oils of star anise & frankincense to renew skin and encourage deep, earth energy.

Honey - Rose clay blended with copaiba balsam to wash away inner conflict, making room for self-worth and finding purpose. 

Blood Orange - Rich and citrusy, açaí berry and healing aloe vera are great dry and mature skin. Essential oils of blood orange and clementine are uplifting and promote inner peace.

Abundance - A simple ritual bar to clear limiting beliefs, spiritual blocks, and false stories surrounding money, wealth, and career. Made with sunny calendula to protect the spirit from money wounds and fragranced with wealth encouraging essential oils of honey balsam and bergamot. 


Ingredients: Aqua (Filtered Water), sodium hydroxide, Oils of: Coconut, Olive, safflower; shea butter, essential oils.


Spirit Element is a lifestyle brand inspiring you to live with intention, authenticity, and bliss. From energetic self-care and wellness to supporting you in filling your spaces with mindfully selected homewares, we inspire you to let every choice you make be an expression of who you are. 


Our ethos is simple: tend to the mind, body, home and soul by nourishing your life with things that make you smile. We focus on developing fragrant, sensual products that are grounded, supportive, and feature a melange of earth based ingredients.

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Our products are made in-house with only minute, natural preservatives and additives. They are handcrafted and packaged in small batches. Typically, orders take 3-4 business days but please allow up 7 business days* for your item to ship. 

*Business days are Monday- Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm and Friday from 8 am to noon. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Ritual Bathing Bars