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There was a time when the sun, moon, and stars were our day planners. 

The call of the wild, our cellphones.

And the landscapes of the earth, our dinner tables.

A simpler time, rooted in gathering with our community and a deep knowledge of the world we’re all so lucky to call home.

A time of magic and mystery.

Much of the world has moved on from the old ways but witches and mystics have held onto the wisdom of earth + spirit.

Spirit Element is a lifestyle brand devoted to old ways of witches, updated for modern living.

Folk medicine on a backdrop of updated yet easy spaces.

Where well-being can be found in your monthly moon ritual just as easily as in your morning coffee.

Where home furnishings remind you of the gentle curve of an oak tree. And clothing is made with natural, sustainable materials, bringing you that much closer to the earth.

Foods that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Beauty and body care for no other reason than to entertain the senses.

A return to the ancient ways while still incorporating the modern luxuries we all so enjoy.

Magickal, slow, intentional, spiritual, and deeply rooted in the earth our ancestors tended to so dearly.

Welcome to Spirit Element. 


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