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Made With Stardust - Coming soon. 


Let me tell you about the early days of Spirit Element. -- It was really, really hard!


I started Spirit Element with $100 that I needed to buy supplies for my already failing business - 18 and Sweet Rose. This was about a year after I abruptly quit my job because my boss accused me of opening an evil portal, making her fat and trying to take her place as the face of her business. 


This was after months of being completely unhappy and overworked at a crystal company that was supposed to be all light, love, and good vibes. An experience which led me to erasing spirituality from my life for an entire year. 


Long story short, I was SUPER broke and defeated and getting nowhere fast. 


One day, I had a strong desire to paint so I pulled out my watercolors, started painting and received a huge spiritual download. Guidance telling me to start a new spiritual-based brand that would change my life. 


I can’t tell you why but I trusted this guidance, renewed my faith in spirituality and magic, took the last $100 I had to my name, bought the supplies I needed to make ONE singular unit of about ten products, and started what would become Spirit Element. 


Fortunately things worked out and Spirit Element has allowed me to create a life that I love, including providing the means for me to become a published writer. But in those early days, I didn’t have the money to buy fancy packaging or to spend on amazing photographers. 


Not only that, spiritual based anything is a rare luxury -- even in 2021. The majority of the world still looks at me like I have horns when I try to explain how basil promotes wealth or that one of the perfumes I make is based on a tarot card. 


I had to make due with the few places offering low minimums and uninspiring options while also making a space for myself in a world that doesn’t put much value in the esoteric & spiritual arts. 


I don’t want you to have to get by like I did. 


That’s why I’ve created Made With Stardust -- wholesale supplies for spiritual small business owners who are short on resources and big on dreams. 


At Made With Stardust, you’ll find:

  • Ready to Label Products
  • Unique Packaging
  • Exotic Ingredients
  • Intention Based Ingredients
  • No or low minimums
  • All at affordable prices. 

Made With Stardust launches Spring 2021. 

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