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Aura Cherry Blossom Agate Altar Slabs


Cherry Blossom Agate is what's called a "Plume" agate, named after the flower like inclusions that are characteristic for this stone. All plume agates feature these shapes but only flower agate feature three dimensional plumes. In this case, these plumes closely resemble Cherry Blossom Flowers. 


Spiritually, Cherry Blossom Agate promotes growth, transformation, and aids in unlocking your potential. The "plumes" are sometimes called "seeds of growth" and holding this crystal in your hand while doing any self-development is said to show you what you are capable of. 

This energy is heighten with Aura, giving it a labradorite action. Hold this crystal in the light and watch as it dances with brilliant colors of blues, purples, pinks, and yellows. 

Additionally, Cherry Blossom Agate supports highly motivated and ambitious people. This stone is a manifesting stone and gently encourages you to go after your dreams. 


Small: approximately 2.5 - 3 inches

Medium: approximately 3.5 - 4 inches

Large: approximately 4.5 -  5 inches

The size shown is medium!

Spirit Element shows you how to start your path to transformation & wellness using earth-based magic, botanical healing, and mindfulness as your guide.

Our products are made in-house with only minute, natural preservatives and additives. They are handcrafted and packaged in small batches. Typically, orders take 3-4 business days but please allow up 7 business days* for your item to ship. 

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Made With Stardust offers intention & esoteric based wholesale supplies for mystic, new age, light worker, and witch business owners. 

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Made With Stardust launches Spring 2021. 

Aura Cherry Blossom Agate Altar Slabs