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Luna Body & Ritual Oil


Healing | Completion | Illumination | Moon Energy

Spirit Element wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated moon oil. After more than a decade of spiritual work, I still find myself working with the moon most often. There is something about Luna that sits in the soul of witches and healers. 

The body & ritual oil is infused with ingredients that are associated with all of Luna’s most attractive qualities. This fragrance inspires deep truth, spiritual healing, and being at peace with moving on from what no longer serves. 

This oil and it’s companion mist are perfect tools to have on hand when you are closing the door on one thing and moving onto another or anytime you wish to feel Luna’s gentle touch

Xoxo, Lorraine

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Best times to work with Luna:

  • During any full moon but especially the full moon in Cancer. 
  • When closing a chapter in your life. 
  • For seeking clarity and truth.
  • When doing spiritual healing work.
  • For emotional support. 
  • Any working for finding awareness.
  • Spellwork during the night. 

Scent Profile:

Fresh lavender and cypress are lifted by floral notes of jasmine and neroli. Patchouli is added for its richness and association with night magic. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Jasmine - No other ingredient is more aligned with the moon or night than jasmine. This heavenly floral is associated with healing, clarity, and long-term well-being. Jasmine also awakens intuition, helping one to find clear and authentic spiritual guidance. 

Lavender - There isn’t much lavender can’t do. It purifies, encourages clarity, and promotes renewal. Lavender is also associated with divination and seeking spiritual awareness making it the perfect addition in any blends for seeking truth and understanding. 

Cypress - A highly supportive oil that encourages self-growth and spiritual truth. It fosters awareness and is often used in blends for clarity and wisdom. Cypress is also associated with grieving and finding peace with moving on. 

Ingredients: Brassica campestris, Brassica napus (rapeseed oil), Olea Europaea (olive) oil, Ghritkumari Oil (Aloe vera extract, soybean oil), natural fragrance blend (with essentials oils & extracts of jasmine, neroli, patchouli, lavender, cypress, & tonka bean), ethically sourced mica.

Spirit Element shows you how to start your path to transformation & wellness using earth-based magic, botanical healing, and mindfulness as your guide.

Our products are made in-house with only minute, natural preservatives and additives. They are handcrafted and packaged in small batches. Typically, orders take 3-4 business days but please allow up 7 business days* for your item to ship. 

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Luna Body & Ritual Oil