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Tarot Readings


$5+ tarot specials available until April 17th at midnight. 

Two card tarot or oracle readings for any question of your choice delivered to you in a convenient email. I will select a tarot deck intuitively. Oracle readings are done with the new Seasons of the Witch: Beltane Oracle. All readings will be delivered by the email provided at the time of order. You are allowed one question per reading. If you have two questions, you will need to purchase two readings. You may purchase as many readings as you like.

Please leave your question in the order notes. If no question is given, I will pull cards for "what you need to know most right now."

Most will be delivered within 5-8 business days, however it can take longer depending on the number of readings to work through. There's only one person doing readings. Thank you for patience.

When forming your question, please be sure to follow the rules below:

  • Yes or no questions aren’t all that suited to tarot. Any yes or no questions will be reworded.

  • Do NOT jam multiple questions into one

    Examples of this are:
    Should I change my job, if so, is xyz the right job for me and will I be successful?
    How should I move forward in love, finance, career, and health?

  • Do NOT submit questions for contacting someone who has passed or to ask where they ended up after passing. This is medium work which I DO NOT DO. 

  • Put your question or any necessary information in the notes section of your order. Do NOT email questions/information later as they may be missed. 


Make sure to provide an email! You will not receive your reading if an email was not provided at checkout. 

Spirit Element shows you how to start your path to transformation & wellness using earth-based magic, botanical healing, and mindfulness as your guide.

Our products are made in-house with only minute, natural preservatives and additives. They are handcrafted and packaged in small batches. Typically, orders take 3-4 business days but please allow up 7 business days* for your item to ship. 

*Business days are Monday- Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm and Friday from 8 am to noon. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Made With Stardust offers intention & esoteric based wholesale supplies for mystic, new age, light worker, and witch business owners. 

At Made With Stardust, you’ll find:

  • Ready to Label Products
  • Unique Packaging
  • Exotic Ingredients
  • Intention Based Ingredients
  • No or low minimums
  • All at affordable prices. 

Made With Stardust launches Spring 2021. 

Tarot Readings