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Unicorn Animal Energy Body & Ritual Oil


Unicorn - Animal Energy Body & Ritual Oil is a beautifully light oil for healing the aura and bringing more faith into your life. I wanted this oil to be soft on purpose. Its my interpretation of floating on a cloud and believing in the power of the universe, or in this case unicorn, to help you realize your dreams while healing your wounds. 

Unicorn is a wonderful tool to work with after intense practices like shadow work and emotional release. The oils used in this potion bring sunniness back to the aura, filling in crack and holes that are allowing your energy to spill. 

Scent Profile:

Tropical florals dancing with citrus notes. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Everlasting - this oil is associated with beauty, well-being, emotional release and peace. It helps to bring awareness to spiritual blocks and gives you the courage and support to begin the process of healing the aura. 

Canaga - An impressive tropical tree with similar but less intense notes to ylang ylang flowers. This oil is jammed packed with positive energy. It brings light to the soul and is incredibly supportive during times of transition and difficult change. It encourages self-awareness, facilitates deeper spirituality, and unlocks hidden potential. 

Tangerine - tangerine is similar to it's cousin orange but with more floral notes. It helps to reframe negative thoughts into positive, encouraging thoughts similar to orange, is added to potions and blends to increase success, well-being and happiness. 

How to Use:  Shake well to activate the magic! Use a body moisturizer or add a few drops to a warm bath for a luscious, skin softening treatment. It can also be added to candles, lotions, and hair products as an aromatherapy treatment. Use before and after meditation and rituals for opening to spiritual gifts, faith and healing the aura. 

Spirit Element shows you how to start your path to transformation & wellness using earth-based magic, botanical healing, and mindfulness as your guide.

Our products are made in-house with only minute, natural preservatives and additives. They are handcrafted and packaged in small batches. Typically, orders take 3-4 business days but please allow up 7 business days* for your item to ship. 

*Business days are Monday- Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm and Friday from 8 am to noon. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Made With Stardust offers intention & esoteric based wholesale supplies for mystic, new age, light worker, and witch business owners. 

At Made With Stardust, you’ll find:

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Made With Stardust launches Spring 2021. 

Unicorn Animal Energy Body & Ritual Oil